Soft Tissue Manipulation

Our team of therapists has developed a unique form of tissue therapy that complements the corrective exercise programs.  Physical therapy focus is determined by the assessment findings so that the source of pain can be addressed. 

Our style of soft tissue manipulation  is an integrative style of therapeutic massage that focuses primarily on tissue health.  This is accomplished through a series of specific strokes that open and elongate the tissues.  This technique targets scar tissue and adhesion buildup, restores damaged tissues and encourages overall detoxification within the body.

Asession will isolate and identify weakened environments and other inconsistencies in the tissues. Each affected area is physically manipulated in a manner that restores the optimal texture, tension and length to the tissue.  A series of elongated forearm passes and other manipulation strategies such as trigger point therapy and dynamic stretches help re-establish balance in the body.


This type of physical therapy will reduce the amount of physical stress your body endures on a daily basis. Living life with a new sense of health will allow you to function with a heightened state of awareness and ease. 


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