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Suffering from pain and physical limitation can diminish the enjoyment and quality of your everyday life. Whether you, or someone you know, is dealing with pain in the body, we can make the difference.

Back, neck, shoulder and knee pain are persistent and common complaints in today's society and are one of the major reasons for loss of enjoyment and productivity in life. At Macrotherapy located in Scottsdale AZ, you will experience a highly effective and physically empowering therapy approach that will generate results and freedom from pain without the use of surgery, injections or medications. 

See our services menu for some of our specific methods like: 

- Nutrition 

- Corrective Exercise Therapy

- Soft Tissue Therapy

Scope of Practice

  • Evaluation and Treatment recommendation by a licensed medical doctor
  • Complete Physical Assessment to determine weaknesses and imbalances
  • A Structured Therapy Program is addressing areas of concern
  • A distinct combination of Corrective Exercise, Soft Tissue Manipulation Techniques, as well as Nutrition Counseling when appropriate

We Are Committed to Your Results

We work so that you can experience an improved quality of life with decreased pain and physical stress. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to the successful integration of your therapy program results in your daily life. So come visit us at our Scottsdale Physical Rehab clinic today!

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