This is the metabolic potion of Macrotherapy that focuses on the individual needs of your diet. Everyone’s metabolism is as unique as their fingerprint and one diet will never be appropriate for everyone. 

This program serves to restore health and proper metabolic function.  This is achieved by uniquely integrating objective evaluations with specific nutritional therapy and dietary choices.  The combination of these services will immediately address your dietary concerns. 

The program focuses on the fuel that feeds your system. After identifying any metabolic dysfunctions through labs and evaluations you will receive a diet tailored to your individual needs.  Healing from any type of disease can be supported by proper nutrition.  You will know exactly what kinds of foods to eat and how much.

 This program will help you reduce the amount of chemical stress your body endures on a daily basis. Living life with a new sense of health will allow you to function with a heightened state of awareness.  As a result of the education you will receive you will have the ability to make better choices that will have a lasting impact on your metabolic health.  You will experience:

·        Increased energy

·        Weight loss

·        Higher levels of mental and physical performance

·        The possibility of reducing or eliminating prescription drugs with your doctors guidance and approval



Initial Assessment:  $140

Additional sessions: $70/hr  

*Lab tests may be recommended and are individually priced. Read further for more information.



8-week Nutrition Seminar


Join a live class if you live in the Scottsdale, Phoenix, and greater Phoenix Metro Area, or participate on-line!  Our 8-week nutrition series will make you a master of your metabolism!  Learn all you need to know to create a healthy diet based on how the body actually functions.  This class covers the basics of nutrition and goes into great detail about all the systems involved in metabolism, how to identify problems, and what to do about them. This class will empower you in making choices that support your highest health and function for stability and longevity, whether shopping for groceries or making meals.

Class topics: 

  1. Sugar and Carbohydrates
  2. Fats and Oils
  3. Protein and Blood sugar balance
  4. Hormones and Metabolism
  5. Digestion and Inflammation
  6. Detoxification
  7. Beverages (coffee, wine, soda, water) 
  8. Metabolic typing

click HERE for more information on each class

On-line: start ANYTIME.  Classes are Emailed once a week along with notes and supplemental material.  Questions can be sent anytime through email. 

Available Lab Tests: (click on the test for more information) 

Functional Adrenal Stress Profile: Lab fee $212

MRT Food Sensitivity Test: Lab fee- $295 (plus blood draw fee) 

Metabolic Assessment Profile: Lab fee $135

*Macrotherapy does not mark up the lab prices. Fees are paid directly to the lab. 

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