Corrective Exercise

This is the movement portion of Macrotherapy, where each program is professionally designed to get you faster results in a shorter period of time. 

All programs start with a full-body assessment that includes up to 200 different tests to determine all of the bodies weak, tight, or poorly functioning and compromised environments.   Through these tests we find the SOURCE of pain and/or dysfunction- which is not always where the pain is felt.  By finding and addressing the source of pain you have the potential to experience lasting freedom from pain rather than simply relief for a short period of time. Every 4-6 weeks a re-assessment is scheduled to track progress and make program adjustments.

Macrotherapy has three levels of physical training:


Here we focus on the specific problems and the fine details that rebalancing the body and correcting the faulty firing patterns.

Functional Strength

Here we focus on bigger, more functional movements that incorporate the whole body


Here we focus is on sustaining and increasing ability and function. Once you have completed your medical program, we can help you determine if a pro-active maintenance program is right for you.


All programs are greatly enhanced by full participation in our nutrition programs as well.  Anti-inflammatory diets are a great asset to any healing program. Read about our nutrition programs and ask our staff how they will specifically relate to your therapy program.





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