Toni doing a full squat without pain during a workout at macrotherapy.

Toni doing a full squat without pain during a workout at macrotherapy.


Arizona Republic, January 2014

Surgery has become more and more common to the point that many of us do not look for other options.  In 2007, there were over 800,000 hip and knee replacements nationwide. However there is the possibility of complications that can result from current procedure strategies:

  • 25-31X increase in the risk of heart attack
  •   Blood clots in the legs and/or lungs
  • Infection immediately after surgery
  • Infection of the implants years later
  • Wear particles in the bloodstream
  • Continued pain despite joint replacement
  • Difficult and painful recovery time
  • Permanent decrease in range of motion, strength and activity level.  

Current surgical procedures are more effective than ever before but do not necessarily need to be the first option. Toni Portnoy was someone who made a choice to explore other options before undergoing surgery and the outcomes she has experienced have been life altering. Toni is an 84 year old Scottsdale resident who has been working with Macrotherapy as an alternative to double knee replacement, in an attempt to address her chronic knee pain. “The majority of pain syndromes are related to a functional disorder. This is when the systems of our body are no longer able to fulfill on the purposes for which they were intended. As a result, irritation begins to accumulate and over time the pain from that accumulated inflammation can become overwhelming,” stated Eddie Lipan, MD. The leading cause of disability is musculoskeletal disorders and diseases in the United States. When you ask Toni how she is feeling, she says, “I have little to no pain and my body is functioning on a level that I did not know was possible. I am so thankful for the treatment that I have received because it has enabled me to continue all the aspects of my life that I am passionate about, including my career as an interior designer, endless social events and five volunteer activities.” 

The operators of Macrotherapy promote the possibility of quality function at any age and their services specifically target the contributing factors to arthritis that consistently create disabling levels of pain. Macrotherapy accepts all major insurances, including MEDICARE. Macrotherapy is located at 11000 North Scottsdale Road, Suite #200, Scottsdale and you reach them at 602-308-8383.