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At Macrotherapy, a physical rehab facility in Scottsdale, AZ, you will work one on one with a highly trained team of experts who will facilitate a one of a kind healing experience that produces noticeable and lasting results. 

Macrotherapy is comprised of a team of dedicated medical professionals, committed to empowering people to live great lives by restoring integrity and function to the physical body.


What We Do


Worried about physical rehab? Rest assured, wherever you are with your physical capacity, we can work with you.  Whether you are suffering an injury, dealing with chronic pain or in need of pre/post surgery support, we can help you get to a place where you can do what you enjoy most.

By participating in our corrective physical rehab exercise and soft tissue manipulation programs, you will experience more support from your body, allowing you to get back to your active lifestyle and hobbies with enough energy to be fully engaged in your life!

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Why We Are Different


We approach health by looking at the big picture and asking "what is possible for health"?  We address the structure and function of the entire body, rather than just one area. Pain in the lower back for example, can be caused from a hip imbalance.  Rather than treating the symptoms, our physical rehab methods find the SOURCE of the pain through multiple assessment techniques, and then go to work strengthening the weak muscles, stretching the tight ones and then using the tissue work to mobilize scar tissue and casting. We utilize assessment all along the way and respond to how your body responds to the therapy.

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What would be possible for your life if you didn't have to manage your pain everyday? How much energy would you have? What could you accomplish?

Experience the benefits of living pain free with greater ease and enjoy an increased quality of life by participating in our  physical rehab programs.

Top Benefits of Macrotherapy's PhysicalRehabilitation Programs:

 Elimination of pain, inflammation and scar tissue buildup

Increase in strength, balance and performance

Reduced Stress

Increase in body awareness

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